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By Mail

Checks can be made out to Bookmobile Fredericksburg

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In Person/Porch Pick-Up

We provide porch pickup of donated books every Saturday!

Reserve the Bookmobile for your event

If you are interested in reserving the Bookmobile for your event, fill out the form below. This does not guarantee we will be able to be at your event; we will follow up over email if there may be an issue with the time/date. We are so glad you are interested in working with Bookmobile Fredericksburg!

Introducing our Litmobile!

Financial Goals

Help us get our newest vehicle, The Litmobile, ready for action! Every donation goes into making this service possible for you and our community.

This vehicle will be specifically equipped to connect with rural areas it may be hard for our larger truck to reach, and to host shorter events in areas with acute needs to books.

We are raising $1,250 to complete this project and get the minivan on the road!

Thank you

Porch Pickup Request Form

Fill in the form below to request a porch pickup for your book donation. Since this is a small team, please be patient as we provide this free service.

Please give us 48 hours to reply with a confirmation.