Community Partners

Our Community Partners are integral to the success of Bookmobile Fredericksburg. Below are the organizations that support us and keep us on the road! Learn more about why they support Bookmobile Fredericksburg.

Downtown Greens

“Downtown Greens supports Bookmobile Fredericksburg because we understand the power of books to change a person’s life.  Having free access to knowledge, especially in a person’s formidable years, can set them up to be a successful member of the community.  Books can boost imagination and take folks into whole new worlds as well as providing information and other perspectives.  Bookmobile Fredericksburg provides all of this and works hard to get books in the hands of all community members.  We love Bookmobile FXBG!”

Fredericksburg Parent & Family

“As soon as I learned of the FXBG Bookmobile I knew we had to support it!  As the publisher of Fredericksburg Parent and Family, I had already decided that Fredericksburg Parent’s theme for 2022 was “Book Love.” To kick off our Book Love year, we decided to sponsor the Fredericksburg Area Imagination Library, which mails free books selected by Dolly Parton to children between the ages of 0 and 5.

We are so happy to add partnership with the FXBG Bookmobile to our 2022 “Book Love” activities. The Bookmobile has been a welcome addition to our many events in the FXBG area. Early childhood studies show reading with children 0-5 does more to develop neurons in the brain and prepare children for kindergarten by age 5 than any other activity. The FXBG Bookmobile makes sure our busy parents always have free, fresh reading material. Kudos to all of the UMW students working with the bookmobile and special thanks to Hollis for spearheading and shepherding the project.”

Leigh Anne Van Doren – Publisher, Fredericksburg Parent and Family

The Gladys H. Oberle School

“Making and maintaining partnerships supports the growth and development of our community. The Gladys H. Oberle School strives to Educate, Empower, and Employ students with the skills they need for successful transitions back to their base school, post-secondary education, or the world or work. Partnership with the Bookmobile allows us to further promote literacy and expose students to a variety of experiences and broaden their perspectives.”

Contact: Patricia Hoagland, Program Director

Katora Coffee

“The bookmobile to us is a needed resource in the community.  The ability to keep people engaged with actual books is becoming harder every day with the constant onset of technology.  Providing access to books is what we see the bookmobile doing all over our area. Our children need to see their role models reading!  So to be able to partner with such a wonderful program makes our hearts sing.  Thank you Hollis and Team for everything you are doing for the community.”

Christian and April Zammas

Brompton Community School

“The Bookmobile provides the opportunity for us to share and read exciting books. We love that books paint a picture in our minds and believe that everyone should have a chance to read great books!” – Mrs. Jones’ 1st Grade Class

Open Hand of Fredericksburg

“We support the Bookmobile because of their mission and reach. Bookmobile aims “to promote literacy and a love of literature.” Much like the Bookmobile, Open Hand aims to promote job readiness and professional development throughout the Fredericksburg area. From the beginning, Bookmobile has been able to extend their reach by finding the greatest need and the best way to address the need. We have partnered with the Bookmobile, by having their founder, Hollis, come and speak to our students about small businesses. He and the rest of the Bookmobile team are a true inspiration to all a youth can do with a mission and a desire to serve their local community. It is a true pleasure to partner with Bookmobile to empower the youth of our area. “

Jubilation By Silver Companies, Fredericksburg

“We love to utilize the Fredericksburg Bookmobile for all of our members because Jubilation is a place where it is our highest mission to provide our members and guests unmatched levels of genuine care and comfort. We promise to provide the finest personalized service experience and facilities for our members who will always enjoy a warm, relaxed but refined ambiance.  Jubilation will make a meaningful difference in the lives of its members and guests.”

Director of Entertainment Eric Brouman

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